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Golden Mala

This Mala is made with Madagascar Rose Quartz, Citrine, Champagne Aura, Clear Quartz & Moonstone.
Complimented by a Double Point Rose Quartz Pendant.

108 Count Beaded & Hand tied Mala necklace


Malas is made with a waxed nylon cord to insure longevity, 

7- 8 mm beads & made with genuine gemstones. *

Beads can range in size, shape and color. 


Golden Mala

Only 1 left in stock

    • Individuality & Decision Making
    • Learning & Teaching 
    • Attracts Abundance & Wealth
    • Mental Stimulation
    • Rids Emotional Toxins


    • "Master Healer"
    • Focuses Energy of All Kinds
    • Balances All Planes
    • Enhances Psychic Ability
    • Amplifies other Crystals
    • Focuses the Mind


    • Stone of Unconditional & Universal Love
    • Promotes Self Healing & Self Love
    • Encourages Self Forgiveness, Self Trust & Self Worth
    • Creates a Calm Atmosphere, Dispelling Negativity
    • Fortifies Relationships & Promotes Forgiveness


    • Happy home & Combats Mood Swings
    • Increases Intuition & Empathy
    • Aids in Dream Work
    • Helps Develop Clairvoyance
    • Enhances Psychic Abilities
    • Wisdom & Insight 
    • Creativity & Passion
    • Attracts positivity and vibrance
    • Has a warm, bright energy
    • Boosts energy levels
    • Brings hope in times of need
  • Each stone is intuitively selected for the highest quality. Natural gemstones (whether polished or rough) may have fractures, inclusions, chips, color variations, etc. that make each crystal unique.

    Please note each crystal varies slightly as they are natural and therefore individual.

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