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Serenity Smoky Quartz Wind Chime

Combining the natural beauty of a polished smoky quartz with the geometric elegance of a diamond-shaped terrarium, this piece exudes both style and serenity energy through both apexs.

As sunlight dances through the crystal, it amplifies the stone's energy, infusing your surroundings with calming vibrations.


Hang this enchanting wind chime in any sunny spot to invite positive energy and harmony into your home, while adding a touch of visual delight to your outdoor oasis.


  • Smoky Quartz Measures Approx.: 59mm x 18mm - 64mm x 20mm
  • Hanging Length Approx.: 14 inches
  • Handmade in Colorado


Serenity Smoky Quartz Wind Chime

  • Smoky quartz

    ♡ Chakra: Root

    ♡ A powerful stone of protection

    ♡ Helps to manifest your dreams

    ♡ Stone of serenity, One of the most powerful for grounding & cleansing

    ♡ Promotes soothing of emotions & release of energy

    ♡ Protection for the body against radiation & sunburn

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